Giveaway Special!

(For readers with an adress in Belgium or the Netherlands)

It have been an amazing few weeks in which my blog has gained more and more traffic. A fantastic event, because that means more people are getting inspired by my stories and sharing stories and inspiring people to travel is exactly my goal. Travelling is one of the few things you can be that actually makes you richer and if everybody would open themselves up to be influenced and amazed by new cultures, languages, people and environments the world would be a much better place.


If you got here, you must be either a readily addicted traveller looking for more inspiration, or a first-time traveller who has set the first step of orientating yourself in the world of travel. Whatever your reason may be for checking out my page, I love that you are here and I want to thank you and inspire you to keep up your travel motivation. In order to do so, I am allowed to give out a very handy gadget to one of you…

If you travel light, you often don’t bring a laptop with you; the thing is heavy, unpractical and a hot item to attract thieves. A smartphone however is often vital and you don’t want to lose or damage your device for looking things up and only form of contact with the rest of the world and… your parents. Now losing or damaging your phone always remains a risk, but you can dimish it by choosing a sturdy and brightly coloured cover, in travel style, perhaps?


Whatever you are looking for, you are sure to like one of the many phone covers (telefoonhoesjes) on The greatest thing is, I am allowed to give one out to one of you, for free! All you need to do is like my facebookpage or subscribe to my blog (check out the side bar) –> and comment below which cover for which phone brand you would like to win. You can enter until Tuesday the 6th of December and I will choose the winner on the 7th. Nice belated present for Sinterklaas?

I wish you all the best of luck and… safe travels!

Update: The winner is….Mirjam. Congratualations! The cover is on its way to you.




5 Commentsto Giveaway Special!

  1. Jim van Lienden says:

    Leuk dat je dit zomaar mag geven zeg!
    Als ik zou winnen zou ik deze graag willen:
    Groetjes Jim

  2. Annemieke Zandbergen says:

    Ik zou wel heel graag deze willen:

    Keep up the awesome work!

  3. Gijs says:

    Hallo Kirsten,

    Weer een leuke actie!
    Ik zou graag deze willen winnen:


  4. EdgyLook says:

    Leuke actie, vind een leuk telefoon hoesje altijd belangrijk, een leuk hoesje is toch een mode accessoire.

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