5 on the road jobs I checked out for you

How can you afford to travel so often? This is a question most (long-term) travellers get asked a lot, because travelling is quite expensive, or is it? In fact, it does not have to be. Travelling can be expensive if you don’t know the tips and tricks in the field. Tour companies are trying to make as much of a profit as they can and getting about is the easiest if everything is readily arranged for you, so people pay the price. Nowadays, loads of people have discovered that their is an alternative: a group of nomads that try to travel for cheap or free. No wonder that millions of guides on how to travel for nearly nothing have popped up recently. The tips given in these articles can be helpful, but the fact remains that we need to eat, sleep and move ourselves around – at the very least.

So how CAN we afford to travel forever? The answer is simple when you are ready to accept that travelling is not the same as taking a holiday. Long-term travellers are not always living it up on sunny beaches with a cocktail in their hand and a surfboard under their arm. That is part of it, on their day off. Every long-term traveller that was not born a millionaire or won the lottery does one thing on the road that others do in the same office everyday…. That’s right. They work.

However, working and travelling can easily go hand in hand, which is why I wrote this short guide to 5 jobs I have had on the road, to help and inspire you on your quest to travel forever.

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Tropilex “Hammock-Chair” – GiveAway!! (Dutch Adresses onlytropical_lounger_lychee)

Is it a hammock or is it a chair? Well, it is both and whatever you want to call it, it is awesome to hang around in (see what I did there?). With Winter coming up we can only dream of holidays on the beach, cocktail in hand, chilling out in your hammock. Part of this dream can come true with this unique offer. Tropilex is a brand that sells high-quality amazing hammocks and chairs and has allowed me to give one of these amazing Tropical Lounge “Hammock-Chairs” to one of you, for FREE!

So do you want to get a bit closer to that relaxed summer feeling? Here is what you need to do:
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You can enter until Monday the 7th of November. Unfortunately only if you live in the Netherlands.
Tuesday the 8th I will pick a winner who will receive one of these amazing chairs.

Update: A week has flown by and it is Tuesday the 8th of November, time to announce a winner.
Congratulations… Roel! Our winner will sit nice and comfortably soon. For those who haven’t won, no worries. Next week I have a new product to give away!





On a quest to the Overstay (Hostel Review)

“The best hostel in the Universe – 5 stars” “Not what it seems on the website – 1 star” “Best vibes in Bangkok – 5 stars” “Not meant for everyone – 1 star””Stay here! – 5 stars” “Worst place I’ve ever stayed – 1 star” “Loved it – 5 stars” “Do not stay here – 1 star”….

In case you did not realise what I was doing here, I was citing titles and ratings of other people’s reviews, found on Tripadvisor.  As any other hostel, “the Overstay” has some intermediate reviews, however, the vast majority either loves it or hates it and it is rather easy to see why.

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Study abroad and discover yourself – Emma Hernandez

Partly because of a little project I am working on and partly because I would like to start featuring friends who travel, here is a little piece written by Emma Hernandez, a friend of mine. She came from Spain to Delft to Study Aerospace Engineering and is currently in Singapore to continue studying there for half a year, after which she will do a volunteering project in Taiwan. Whether it is working, volunteering or studying abroad, a long-term stay in another country will definetly teach you a lot about life, the world and yourself. This is how Emma found out what there was more to life during her time in the Netherlands.

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High on Redbull and Drunk on Music

What happens if you are sober at an electronic musical party?

Sober October. That is my motto; a little piece of lifestyle invented by myself years ago and still standing strong. For some of you a month of drinking no alcohol might sound like hell on earth, whereas others normally only drink on their birthday and New Year’s Eve, or not at all. Personally I am neither, but I do like a drink now and then, especially in certain social situations. An electronic music festival (in Europe) is excatly the situation where everybody is under the influence of something; be it booze or drugs.

Getting invited to a party where mainly electronic music would be playing in October was not an excuse to give up on my non-drinking principle or a reason to decline the party invitation; it turned out to be the perfect opportunity to find out how you would experience a party where everybody is out of their minds on some substance from a sober point of view: losing count of the number of cans of energy drink you already downed in order to keep your own body fueled with energy.

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The Ping-Pong Mafia

When abroad, we like to to do, see, watch and try all that a country is either famous or notorious for, next to self-exploring the lesser-known. What we often don’t realise is that not all of these activities are environmentally or politically justified. In South-East Asia, one of the main examples of such a tourist attraction is elephant riding. I hope that most travellers have by now figured out how much harm the are causing by engaging in these activities, so we can boycot the industry. However, today’s article is not about riding elephants, because that subject has long been talked about. This article is about another branche that I believe needs some extra attention: Thailand’s notorious Ping-Pong shows.

Attention to the faint-hearted and extremely well-behaved. This post is going to contain some vulgar language and/or descriptions that I am trying to limit, however that is hardly possible when adressing Ping-Pong shows as a subject. Continue readig at own risk…. Also, if you have little time I would ask of you to just read the final paragraph, which contains a final important conclusion on what makes these shows so disgusting and why you should never visit one.

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Attention Urban Explorers – Tour around Château Miranda

To all Urban Explorers, adventurers, backpackers and everybody else who might be interested in beautiful, abandoned places. Please pay close attention, as this beauty unfortunately won’t stand for much longer. It is a shame, breaking my heart, but the beautiful Château Miranda will be taken down soon. For everybody who can still quickly get their ass over there, please do and for everybody else, this page will just be in rememberance of one of the most beautiful places that I have ever visited.

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La Vie Est Belle

Trip: Fieldwork in South-Eastern France
Date: 14 – 05 – 2016 until 5-06-2016
Route: Car from Delft to La-Motte Chalancon. Drove in Cirlces around our research area and had a day trip to Sistéron, an hour driving from the campsite. We returned to Delft by car.
Transport to France: Car
Transport in France: Car
Company: My fieldwork group and fellow students
Stayed the night at: Camping Le Village in La Motte-Chalancon
Highlights: L’Oule river, Chalancon Via Ferrata


Never before have I been very impressed by study excursion as I could not imagine that any non-geologist would be interested in what kind of rock formations I had seen. This trip was different as not only the rocks showed brilliant layering, but also because we spent three weeks camping and hiking around the area, which happened to be extremely impressive, beautiful and full of old castle ruins as well.

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Speaking ‘Strayan – dictionary

Any place is easier to travel when you speak the language. Of course, Australia is no exception, so, as is only appropiate on Australia day, here are some helpful tips that I learnt the hard way when I was in ‘Straya: trial and error.

Australia day 2014! Such a great day it was and the only day you are allowed to wear the Australian flag! Who am I to not make use of that?

Righto, let’s start off with an easy lesson. If a word has more than two syllables, it is too long. Why would you go through all the trouble of moving your mouth around so much to pronounce just one word? It is starting to look like exercise that way and why would you exercise if you are nowhere in sight of a gym or or a set of barbells. Yeah, nah, two syllables is more than enough. It goes well enough that a mosquite shortens to mozzie, underwear becomes undies and a kangaroo will be referred to as a roo and kids go to kindie, not kindergarten, but what will happen if words stop containing a clear part of the word they originated from, or if the new, short variety already had a meaning of its own?

The last is the case for the word barbie, though I am wilfully leaving out the capital letter. This, because I am not speaking of the blonde Mattel doll, frequently dressed in pink and purple that played an important role in my childhood. It is obviously what any non-Aussie Western girl would think of at the sound of the word barbie. This time around though, I was only referring to a barbeque. Not such a strange move as it is obviously the most logical way to shorten the three-syllable word that I am not even sure if I spelled correctly to a much easier version, but can you understand the confusion? When an Aussie asks if you can put another shrimp on the barbie, this is obviously not what they want:

Source: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/16/99/1e/16991e3821c84785f62b9700ac249446.jpg

Another thing you might be asked to do is to grab another beer from the esky. Esky may sound a bit like eskimo, and that is not completely unrelated, but it does not mean you should rob a poor inuit of his beer. Australia is a pretty hot place and eskimo’s live in a rather cold place, that is what the inventor of the portable cooler brand “Esky” must have thought. However his coolers, or at least his brand name became so popular that everyone in Australia started using the word for a portable cooler of any brand. You won’t make friends by pointing out that your portable cooler is not an Esky, but a Willow in fact, just stay put with esky, it’s cool like that.

Now I have been struggling quite a bit when a friend told me we would meet tomorrow, in the arvo. I happened to be living in Newcastle (Aus) at the time and had not been there for very long yet. I did what most people would do and searched google maps for a pub called Arvo in Newy, only it wasn’t there. It wasn’t until I gave up and asked for clarification that I found out arvo actually means afternoon. So much for that, there is not even a v in afternoon, how was I supposed to know?

When your friends refer to you as a mad cunt, you have probably done something stupid to earn their eternal respect. It is a praised status, not an insult.

A sickie is a sick day off work, however Australians taking a sickie are said to be taking a day of when not actually sick more often than not.

A shocker for Brits is the excessive use of the word thongs in Australia. As mentioned before, Australia is a rather warm country, so it can nice to walk around in your thongs. If you think I was being inappropriate, I do not mean the skimpy, sexy pieces of underwear that many know as thongs. In Australia you will be talking about your flip-flops, and that’s not even a three syllable word.

Bloody is not meant for serious accidents, but just a more-used version of very: It’s a bloody hot day today!

Beautiful meaning delicious. I’ve heard many Aussies talking about their plate of food, which half of the time did not look any more special than the average meal, but it sure must have been tasting good.

Lollies seem to have a different name in any variety of English. Although it seems a logical shortage for the word lollipop, lollies can mean any type of the sweet delicacies. A gummy bear, a toffee, as well as an actual lollipop. As if using “sweets” in the UK and “candy” in the US wasn’t hard enough already.

Sweet as is awesome. You can put “as” at the end of almost any adjective for an Australian emphasis effect. Don’t overdo it if you want it to come across as genuine though.

Now some words that I mainly encountered in outback Australia (which is, by the way, absolutely worth going to!) are found below.
A ute is a pick-up truck or utility vehicle. I picked this word up in my everyday speech and am still refering to pick-up trucks using ute. However I always have to explain myself.

Fair dinkum means real and is a typical Australian phrase that I always thought was more cultural heritage than everyday speech, but I turned out to be wrong. When you leave the safe coastal areas people are using this hourly, usually after hearing an unbelievable story, going “Fair dinkum?!”, meaning, “really?!” in an unbelievable tone.

A bogan is a redneck or uncultured person.

Swag – http://pathofthepaddle.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/photo-c.jpg

And my personal favorite is “gone walkabout”. It is mostly used when something has gone missing, however it originates from when indigenous Australians would go hunting in the forest and would sometimes stay away for months. Going walkabout is not often practised anymore, as the indigenous Australians are also civilising. However I met multiple employers who would not hire indigenous Australians anymore, after they had had a few who had “gone walkabout” without so much as a word after their first paycheck. Still not a culture for settling.

Oh, and if you thought only Justin Bieber had swag, this is what an Australian swag looks like. A sort of sleeping bag with a canvas outside to keep the rain out. Who needs a tent?







Still keen for more?

A hoon = an agressive driver
Whinging = whining
A sook = A person who whines about small things
Bottle-O = liquor store (since you can only buy your alcohol in liquor stores, this is an often heard one)
A root = a fuck
That’s a ripper = That’s really great
She’ll be right = everything will be alright
Stubby holder = a koozie (insulated beer holder)
Keen = eager

Have a G’day mate!

Source: http://iaustraliadayquotes.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Best-Happy-Australia-Day-2016-Msg-SMS-Messages-For-Facebook-Whatsapp-Tumblr.png



“We lied down on the floor not to get hurt. It was a huge panic. The terrorists shot at us for 10 to 15 minutes. It was a bloodbath.” – Julien Pierce

Doubt took ahold of me as I started writing this article. The horrors of what happened in Paris struck me Friday night and again Saturday morning when the number of deaths had risen to over 120. Should I express myself about this as a travel blogger? At first I thought better not. However today I realised that so many people have already stopped speaking about the terrors that happened only two days ago. People tend to forget what is out of their reach and travelling means to explore the world, to discover new cultures and to respect and care for everyone in this world. Exactly 3 years ago, I was in Paris to celebrate my mothers birthday, November 13th. It just goes to say how easily you and me could end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. This is to express my respect to the people that fought, best wishes to the families and relatives that died and my hope to ever see a world in peace.

Paris, 13-11-2012


Paris, the 13th of Novmeber 2012, pictured by the photograph above. I doubt the Eiffel tower or its surrondings have changed since, but the layer of fog weighing down on the city has cleared to make way for an even more depressive atmosphere; the tendency of fear, sorrow and death after over 120 people died as a result of a terrorist attack.

Three of the shooters have been identified, all brothers, of which two were known as radicalised Syria warriors. This is perhaps what strikes me most about deeds of terror such as this one; the perpetrators are often known and sometimes being “watched” for earlier expression of radical ideas and thougts of executing them. The question remains, why were these people free to roam around and prepare an attack while “being watched” and how many more of these situations do we have, in France, in Europe, all over the world. This damage could have been prevented or at least limited if these men had been treated as the criminals that they are in the first place. This is what makes me scream and makes me want to shout out, how can known extremists be let out of sight in a world where my whatsapp messages can be tracked and read by the government. It is crazy, just like it is crazy that these attacks are claimed to be on behalve of Islam. Religion is meant to bring peace and no god in the world or beyond would encourage or even allow the unscrupulous slaughter of innocent men. Instead, terrorist attacks are the foolish deed of incompetent, brainwashed egoists, that actually believe in the promise of a sports car and 72 virgins that await them in the afterlife. I find it hard to believe that there are people willing to sacrifice their lives and that of hundreds of others for the ideals that they believe in, although this is mostly just the promise of receiving all they are probably lacking in real life. These people are easily influenced and probably unhappy. For that I would say that the world could use a lot more love. People that are happy in everyday life will be less likely to go all the way to generate a happy afterlife for themselves. Therefore give love, appreciate all you have and compliment your neighbours, who knows how many lives you can save.

Okay, I know this post is not one of my best, lacking content in every corner. Nevertheless, it is sometimes good to just express and discuss important matters in order to unite against crimes. I do not believe that an equal world, inhabited by humans, can exist. Selfishness is in our nature and people will remain to try to get better, even if they need others for that. Still, let’s strive at least towards a world where murder is history. Pray for Paris, so that I can find it back in the way I found it before, with happy Asian couples getting married beneath the Eiffel tower, pray for Paris, in any way and to any god you believe in, respect each others prayers and pray, not only for Paris, but for a future non-violent.