There is a chance that I have literally seen every little piece of France, I just can’t remember. As a child my parents uesed to take me for holidays on campsites in different parts of France. Almost all my family holiday memories therefore conists of baguettes, water slides, rivers, swimming pools and beaches. Except for the baguettes perhaps, this is obviously not the true beauty of France, but just the joys of a kid. Of course there were times when we went sightseeing in the neighbourhood, but as a child all you want to do then is get back to the campsite as soon as possible, so you can have yet another water fight with your friends back there. It is exactly for this reason that I am not going to colour in all of France, but only the parts that I actually wrote pieces about. Enjoy the read!


My visits to France

  1. Provence: an overview and a story.

France is an interesting country with an intruiging history that still show its marks throughout the country. The leftovers of castles and fortresses, located in strategic spots show how cunning the French were considering the defense of their country. France has seen many wars, battles, vicories and defeats over the years, but has now long been in a state of peace (except for a war against terrorism, perhaps).

The country has great facilities for anyone who wishes to travel with any sort of company. The climate is nice and warm in summer, ideal for water sports or just a relaxing beach holiday, whereas in winter, France opens up some skiing resorts. In between, the mountainous regions that France is rich in set a perfect scene for hiking, canyoning, rock climbing or curious geologists. One problem in France: You can’t be good at anything, so even though the French know their wines, they are shit at making beer!

Bucketlist France

1. Surfing
Having learned surfing in Australia, the cold murky water in the Netherlands is a huge set-back for me, even though I love surfing. France will probably not come anywhere near the perfect waves in Australia, but it nevertheless has some great spots for surfing along the North and South-West coast. Would love to check out those waves.


2. Da Vinci Code Tour
Everybody knows “the Da Vinci Code”  by Dan Brown. Wheter you’ ve read the book or seen the movie, it is an interesting and well-known story. I think it would be nice to follow the book to all the locations described and use this as a tourguide through Paris.

3. Mont Saint Michel
Listed on the UNESCO world heritage list, the abbey atop the tidal island is not only beautiful, but also rich in history and greatly influenced by the tides. It is possible to walk over the see floor to the other side at low tides, just to watch the see come back up and show its power against the sides of the island.

Abbaye du Mont Saint Michel

4. Moulin Rouge
Welcom the the most touristic red light district of France. It may be a bit stereotype, but nevertheless, would you want to miss the setting of the movie and the great dances that come with it? Downside: Moulin Rouge won’t only be busy, but also really expensive.

5. Skiing
Perhaps I don’t necessarily want to do this in France, but any skiing resort will do just fine. The thing is, that I have never been on a skiing holiday and I will be a complete noob when it comes to skiing or snowboarding, but I’d love to give that a shot.

6. Attend a concert in the Citadel, Sisteron
This last one is probably not one you are going to find on many bucketlists. Sisteron is not the centre of tourism anywhere, but I happened to stumble upon it when I was in France for fieldwork. The large citadel, built into the rock formation, is already impressive to just walk around. Sisteron happens to have a great festival in summer, during which performances are shown almost every night at the citadel. Now that would surely be enchanting!

Citadel in Sisteron

Citadel in Sisteron by daylight

You might have noticed that the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Same and other Parisian beauties did not appear on my bucket list. I have already been to Paris and would not see the need to go back very soon. It has been a few years ago, so I am not in a hurry to write a post about Paris, as I don’t remember the details. However, when I am done with other posts that I want to finish first, a short article about Paris will also pop up here.




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