Only two hours down the road where people still speak the same language as I do (at least in half the country), is it valid to call being in Belgium abroad? Well, yes!


My visits to Belgium

1. Ardennes
2. Brussels
3. Antwep

As a matter of fact I believe that the difference between the Netherlands and Belgium is clearly visible in multiple things. Starting with the roads as this is the first thing you notice as you enter Belgium: the higway is full of potholes. Honestly, the roads in Belgium are rubbish. I mean, it depends on what you’re used to of course, but driving from our govenment-funded perfect highways (to support the fact that everybody is always in a rush, perhaps?) into the belgium mess of half-lose asphalt, well, I suppose that is why we pay more tax.

The traffic problem continues into the cities. Belgium is one of the few countries that has a noteworthy amount of bicycle lanes like we do in the Netherlands. However, theirs look exactly like the sidewalk or are situated on the wrong side of the road, making it extremely confusion where I am supposed to walk or cycle and where not. Why Belgium?

So, is Belgium such a dark and undeveloped place amidst a developed world? Of course not. For a start, I was exaggerating a bit, even though the information above was nontheless based on true experience (getting almost knocked off my socks by a a cyclist when I thought I was walking on the sidewalk. It might well have been my fault, but nothing is more fun than making fun of your neighbours).  Anyway, I actually think that Belgium is a wonderful place. The country is covered by a lot more nature than we have in the Netherlands, especially the Ardennes are wonderful for hiking, canoeing, rock climbing, mountain biking and other outdoor activities, which I happen to love. If you are lucky you will spot an old castle or cave on the way.

For the less active, Belgium is full of lovely, little picturesque towns and cities where you can go for a coffee, a beer or simply a stroll down its main streets. Speaking of beer, we are now getting to the best part of Belgium: beer. The Belgians have absolutely mastered the art of brewing craft beers. This means you will never be short of a fantastic refreshing beverage to relax after a long day of work, hiking, shopping or if you simply want to chill out, because hey, you’ re on vacation! Who cares about shitty roads after all, when Belgium has so many good things to offer?

Bucketlist Belgium

1. Breweries



As mentioned above, Belgium is the best place in the world for beer and all that beer needs to come from somewhere, so the country is full of great breweries, such as brewery Huyghe above, where the famous Delirium comes from or brewery “De Halve Maan”, which produces Straffe Hendrik, Brugse zot and more.

2. Urban Exploring
After visiting Château Miranda, the other abandoned sites in Belgium attract my attention. Way to go!

3. Rock Climbing
Rock climbing in the Belgian Ardennes, because I can never get enough of outdoor activities.

4. Atomium

Door Prosopee – Eigen werk, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The atomium: a famous monument in Brussels. It shows the structure of one iron molecule, consisting of nine atoms. Five of these can be visited by tourists.

5. Canaltour in Bruges
Also called the Venice of the North, the city of Bruges must be interesting from the water.







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