And the next trip goes to….. + Giveaway

For those who have been following my blog closely and who have read more than just the intro page and for those who know me personally it might not be the biggest of surprises, however I have never yet announced it to the rest of my readers. I haven’t yet even finished older posts, but I do think that this is the right time to make you guys look forward to my next trip. With this I don’t mean my weekend in Ghent or one night in London that are in the list on November, but I mean my Christmas and New year’s trip. I have already spent a New Year’s Eve in the Netherlands, South Africa, Australia and Denmark, but I am certain that the next one is going to be very special….




St. Petersburg:

St. Petersburg:

The images alone almost make me jealous of myself haha. Is it December yet? As I can’t wait to go! Especially Chernobyl has long ago attracted and never lost my attention. Its history surely makes it one of the most interesting abandoned places on earth and it is even more special this year, because of the construction of the new dome that is to be placed around the damaged reactor 4 in order to stop further raditation. As you can imagine, the construction is huge and will be placed either at the end of this year or at the start of the next. One way or another, we will be either one of the last people to see Chernobyl in its original state or one of the first to see the gigantic masterpiece of civil engineering. This trip will be special!

Apart from special it will also be cold. Whose idea was it again to go to Ukraine and Russia in winter? Well, the ticket is booked and the visa is in process, so I can’t really go back now. With my usual preference for warm places, this means I will have a serious bit of shopping to do; from thermo underwear to scarfs and beanies. Lucky for me and for you I have already got a pair of nice warm AND practical gloves and has allowed me to give one to one of you as well, so your hands will stay nice and warm this Christmas (:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The gloves are super nice soft, grey with a tiny bow in black and the best thing is, you can still operate your phone with your gloves on, because of the metallic fingertips on your thumb and index finger. No more cold hands! D

Do you want to win these awesome gloves from Subscribe to my blog (–> sidebar) and tell me where you are going this winter in the comments and I will decide who needs them the most. Adresses in the Netherlands only. Deadline to enter is Saturday the 20th of November. I will announce the winner on Sunday.

The winner is…. Cynthia! Congratulations, your hands will be nice and warm this summer.





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  1. Gijs says:

    It might not come as a big surprise to you, but this winter I’ll be going to Kyiv, Chernobyl, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

  2. Cynthia says:

    Well, the plan is to have a girls weekend with my mom, aunt and grandma. Just right here in the Netherlands. It’s not really booked yet, but were are busy finding a weekend.
    Where this sounds boring to many off you. I am really looking foreward to it. It will be a weekend full off booze (yeah you are reading it right) and funny games. They are just crazy and I think my grandma is going the have the biggest headache the day after!

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