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On this page you will find discounts for products, tours, accemodation etcetera when I have a good deal for you. Cheers.

Summer Dress

It is summer, so what do we need more than a summer dress? Whether it is for you, a friend or your girlfriend, I am sure we all are or know someone that would be happy with a nice new summer dress. Summer might already be coming to an end and the summer in the Netherlands is not really anything to write home about anyway. However you might have plans to show off your new dress on a backpacking trip in Thailand, working holiday in Australia, a study-trip in Spain or just on a day-trip to Scheveningen. When and where will you wear your new dress? Let me know in the comments and perhaps you can actually show off your nice new dress soon enough! You get to choose from a selection of Happy holidays!


Casse77e Sunglasses

13397628_1564838110486203_1914184075_nWhen on the road, what you certainly need is a pair of travelproof sunglasses and I am sure that Casse77e has the perfect pair for you. Whether you are going for a trendy look, protecting your eyes or doing both at the same time, Casse77e has the sunglasses for you. They have many different collections of which some can even be ordered with prescription glasses. Pretty cool hey. Have a look around on the webpage and shop your Casse77e sunglasses, T-shirt or cap with a 20% discount on your total order. Use this code: 20off0905 to receive your 20% off. Happy shopping!

NEWS: Do you not only want to look fashionable, but also help someone somewhere in the world. Casse77e is just for you: starting October 1st 2016, for every pair of eyewear, sunglasses or RX glasses, that Cassette sells, Cassette will then donate one pair of reading glasses to an individual in a developing country that finds themselves in need.



Phone Covers/Telefoonhoesjes

If you travel light, you often don’t bring a laptop with you; the thing is heavy, unpractical and a hot item to attract thieves. A smartphone however is often vital and you don’t want to lose or damage your device for looking things up and only form of contact with the rest of the world and… your parents. Now losing or damaging your phone always remains a risk, but you can dimish it by choosing a sturdy and brightly coloured cover, in travel style, perhaps?


Whatever you are looking for, you are sure to like one of the many phone covers (telefoonhoesjes) on The greatest thing is, I am allowed to give one out to one of you, for free! All you need to do is like my facebookpage or subscribe to my blog (check out the side bar) –> and comment below the article which cover for which phone brand you would like to win. You can enter until Tuesday the 6th of December and I will choose the winner on the 7th. Nice belated present for Sinterklaas?

I wish you all the best of luck and… safe travels!

Tropilex “Hammock-Chair” – GiveAway!! (Dutch Adresses onlytropical_lounger_lychee)

Is it a hammock or is it a chair? Well, it is both and whatever you want to call it, it is awesome to hang around in (see what I did there?). With Winter coming up we can only dream of holidays on the beach, cocktail in hand, chilling out in your hammock. Part of this dream can come true with this unique offer. Tropilex is a brand that sells high-quality amazing hammocks and chairs and has allowed me to give one of these amazing Tropical Lounge “Hammock-Chairs” to one of you, for FREE!

So do you want to get a bit closer to that relaxed summer feeling? Here is what you need to do:
1. Subscribe your e-mail to my blog or like my facebook page (check out the side-bar—>)
2. Leave a comment which colour hammock chair you would like to win.
– Autumn
– Sunny
– Ocean
– Raspberry
You can check out the different colours here

You can enter until Monday the 7th of November. Unfortunately only if you live in the Netherlands.
Tuesday the 8th I will pick a winner who will receive one of these amazing chairs.

Win touch gloves from!!

For my next trip to Ukraine and Russia in winter, I have a serious bit of shopping to do; from thermo underwear to scarfs and beanies. Lucky for me and for you I have already got a pair of nice warm AND practical gloves and has allowed me to give one to one of you as well, so your hands will stay nice and warm this Christmas (:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The gloves are super nice soft, grey with a tiny bow in black and the best thing is, you can still operate your phone with your gloves on, because of the metallic fingertips on your thumb and index finger. No more cold hands! D

Do you want to win these awesome gloves from Tell me where you are going this winter in the comments and I will decide who needs them the most. You can enter until the 19th of November 2016. Adresses in the Netherlands only.