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Dear readers,

My name is Kirsten, I am 21 years old, student Applied Earth Sciences at the TU Delft. My life is a complete mess, but I love it. I am continously totally stressed out because there are so many things I want to do and there is only so little time. I need time for my studies, I play two sports, I sort of play the guitar when there’s time, I like to read and write, but this is also time-dependent. Luckily, one of my greatest ambitions can be combined perfectly with writing. (Would be nice if there’s someone out there who likes to read it too, but hey). So, what would this greatest ambition be? To see the world, that’s all. Or wait it’s not. To experience the world would be more appropiate.

My country, the Netherlands, never really felt like home to me. It’s cold, but without any snow or hills, it’s crowed, people are a bit cliquey and closed off (not everyone obviously) and most of all, it is absolutely boring. Flat. That would be the most interesting bit about my country. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m not unhappy to have been born in a rich European country, I feel blessed, but that doesn’t mean that I do not long to get out and see what else is out there.

As a young kid, most of my holidays consisted of 12-hour car drives to France or once even Spain. Trips I then considered long, but was always willing to do, because it got you to a nicer place. These “nicer places” used to be family campsites with huge swimming pools, warm weather and other kids to play with. But none of this was the best, the best were the adventurous aspects, walking through awesome nature, kayak-trips, riding horses, rock-climbing. All up to a certain level of course, I was still a child. (And unfortunately I somehow turned allergic to horses now. Such a shame!).

Another ambition I have always had is to collect things. As a kid (the age when my parents always took me on holidays to France), I was determined to read all the books in the library. Never made it of course. Even though I still like to read, I accepted the fact that I am never going to read all the books in the world a long time ago, however that left room for a new goal: to travel to all the countries in the world, see them, experience them, I started a new collection.

My first flight was to Turkey I must have been between 8 and 10 years old, don’t remember my exact age, but what I do remember is the feeling and the expression in my face when we took off. Don’t think I’d ever been so excited. I was flying, to a faraway place! This place was of course – trust my parents – an all-inclusive resort. Despite that I saw some beautiful beaches and a bit of the Turkish culture to. However, in a tourist area, towns will never be the same as in a non-tourist area.

After this there was the situation when I literally cried a river when my parents sort of mentioned maybe going to South-Africa, but due to circumstances ended up not happening. Lucky for me, we did still go a couple of years later, when I was a bit older and able to remember more of the trip.

Some trips with school and many years later, I have now spent two of my gap years abroad and I only just started. I can’t wait to tell you all I remember about my past trips and even more about the ones that are yet to come.

My writings are in no way a travel guide, they are my personal experiences, including emotions, don’t make them your guideline, but make them your friend. Read, smile when you need to, be bored when you need to and use what you need to convince yourself to go out there and have the time of your life.

When in doubt, travel.

Fun facts

I can drive well, but I swear a lot in traffic. I do this when people break the rules, but also when they are not going at the speed limit.

I have visited 20 countries in 4 continents so far.

I like to collect passport stamps. As a European citizen I don’t get any when I cross borders within Europe. I once asked at the airport, but the customs officer refused to give me one.

I am often late. Make that always. This goes for everything except for things that really matter such as job interviews or departing trains. I will be at least two hours early for those sort of things instead, so I have enough time in case I’m slow.

I love travelling but I hate packing bags. Still I love to live out of one.

I am too curious for my own good. Don’t ever give me a hint or half a story, because I am not going to be satisfied untill I know what’s going on.

I have skydived in Wollongong, Australia and I loved jumping out of that plane. I am hoping to get licensed one day.

3 Commentsto About me

  1. Madhu says:

    Hi Kirsten, look forward to following you on your journeys. Good luck with the blogging 🙂

  2. Angela says:

    Hey Kirsten!
    Very nice blog!! Nive to read your travelling experiences 🙂
    I’m going to travel for the first time on my own next week so I’m very excited (And a bit nervous :-P)

    (I also started a personal & travelling blog to share all my adventures but still have to start travelling..)

    Good luck with all the blogging and travelling ahead!
    xx Angela

    • admin says:

      Hi Angela!

      Thanks for your message. Late reply is caused my my own trip. Just had a look at your page and it looks great. I can absolutely recognise myself in wanting to do so much more than time allows you too. Did not see too much on your trip yet, but I bet that is because you are having such a good time. Enjoy and hope to read more on your page soon!


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