June, 2016

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The Ping-Pong Mafia

When abroad, we like to to do, see, watch and try all that a country is either famous or notorious for, next to self-exploring the lesser-known. What we often don’t realise is that not all of these activities are environmentally or politically justified. In South-East Asia, one of the main examples of such a tourist attraction is elephant riding. I hope that most travellers have by now figured out how much harm the are causing by engaging in these activities, so we can boycot the industry. However, today’s article is not about riding elephants, because that subject has long been talked about. This article is about another branche that I believe needs some extra attention: Thailand’s notorious Ping-Pong shows.

Attention to the faint-hearted and extremely well-behaved. This post is going to contain some vulgar language and/or descriptions that I am trying to limit, however that is hardly possible when adressing Ping-Pong shows as a subject. Continue readig at own risk…. Also, if you have little time I would ask of you to just read the final paragraph, which contains a final important conclusion on what makes these shows so disgusting and why you should never visit one.

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Attention Urban Explorers – Tour around Château Miranda

To all Urban Explorers, adventurers, backpackers and everybody else who might be interested in beautiful, abandoned places. Please pay close attention, as this beauty unfortunately won’t stand for much longer. It is a shame, breaking my heart, but the beautiful Château Miranda will be taken down soon. For everybody who can still quickly get their ass over there, please do and for everybody else, this page will just be in rememberance of one of the most beautiful places that I have ever visited.

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La Vie Est Belle

Trip: Fieldwork in South-Eastern France
Date: 14 – 05 – 2016 until 5-06-2016
Route: Car from Delft to La-Motte Chalancon. Drove in Cirlces around our research area and had a day trip to Sistéron, an hour driving from the campsite. We returned to Delft by car.
Transport to France: Car
Transport in France: Car
Company: My fieldwork group and fellow students
Stayed the night at: Camping Le Village in La Motte-Chalancon
Highlights: L’Oule river, Chalancon Via Ferrata


Never before have I been very impressed by study excursion as I could not imagine that any non-geologist would be interested in what kind of rock formations I had seen. This trip was different as not only the rocks showed brilliant layering, but also because we spent three weeks camping and hiking around the area, which happened to be extremely impressive, beautiful and full of old castle ruins as well.

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