November, 2015

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“We lied down on the floor not to get hurt. It was a huge panic. The terrorists shot at us for 10 to 15 minutes. It was a bloodbath.” – Julien Pierce

Doubt took ahold of me as I started writing this article. The horrors of what happened in Paris struck me Friday night and again Saturday morning when the number of deaths had risen to over 120. Should I express myself about this as a travel blogger? At first I thought better not. However today I realised that so many people have already stopped speaking about the terrors that happened only two days ago. People tend to forget what is out of their reach and travelling means to explore the world, to discover new cultures and to respect and care for everyone in this world. Exactly 3 years ago, I was in Paris to celebrate my mothers birthday, November 13th. It just goes to say how easily you and me could end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. This is to express my respect to the people that fought, best wishes to the families and relatives that died and my hope to ever see a world in peace.

Paris, 13-11-2012


Paris, the 13th of Novmeber 2012, pictured by the photograph above. I doubt the Eiffel tower or its surrondings have changed since, but the layer of fog weighing down on the city has cleared to make way for an even more depressive atmosphere; the tendency of fear, sorrow and death after over 120 people died as a result of a terrorist attack.

Three of the shooters have been identified, all brothers, of which two were known as radicalised Syria warriors. This is perhaps what strikes me most about deeds of terror such as this one; the perpetrators are often known and sometimes being “watched” for earlier expression of radical ideas and thougts of executing them. The question remains, why were these people free to roam around and prepare an attack while “being watched” and how many more of these situations do we have, in France, in Europe, all over the world. This damage could have been prevented or at least limited if these men had been treated as the criminals that they are in the first place. This is what makes me scream and makes me want to shout out, how can known extremists be let out of sight in a world where my whatsapp messages can be tracked and read by the government. It is crazy, just like it is crazy that these attacks are claimed to be on behalve of Islam. Religion is meant to bring peace and no god in the world or beyond would encourage or even allow the unscrupulous slaughter of innocent men. Instead, terrorist attacks are the foolish deed of incompetent, brainwashed egoists, that actually believe in the promise of a sports car and 72 virgins that await them in the afterlife. I find it hard to believe that there are people willing to sacrifice their lives and that of hundreds of others for the ideals that they believe in, although this is mostly just the promise of receiving all they are probably lacking in real life. These people are easily influenced and probably unhappy. For that I would say that the world could use a lot more love. People that are happy in everyday life will be less likely to go all the way to generate a happy afterlife for themselves. Therefore give love, appreciate all you have and compliment your neighbours, who knows how many lives you can save.

Okay, I know this post is not one of my best, lacking content in every corner. Nevertheless, it is sometimes good to just express and discuss important matters in order to unite against crimes. I do not believe that an equal world, inhabited by humans, can exist. Selfishness is in our nature and people will remain to try to get better, even if they need others for that. Still, let’s strive at least towards a world where murder is history. Pray for Paris, so that I can find it back in the way I found it before, with happy Asian couples getting married beneath the Eiffel tower, pray for Paris, in any way and to any god you believe in, respect each others prayers and pray, not only for Paris, but for a future non-violent.